The Save Shangri-La foundation was born in 2003 as a joint program of concerned individuals from Nepal and Italy. The foundation is non-profit making. It is registered with Kathmandu district administration office as well as affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, Nepal Government.

The foundation aims to improve the quality of life of people living in the remote villages of Nepal through education, basic health and income generating programs. It especially supports socially marginalized people including people below the poverty line, dalits and indigenous communities and empowering them to enter into the mainstream of the development.

Believing that the future of the nation depends upon the children, the foundation lays special priority in educating children. As a result, children from lower economic strata are being provided free schooling with a complete package of tuition, board, clothing and stationary. Similarly, the foundation is also working on the areas of health, vocational training, adult learning, peace building, etc and it is gearing up for the programs with much greater coverage for the days ahead.

The foundation has been completely run by a few dedicated and well-experienced members on a volunteer basis. As a result, there has been better utilization of the limited resources and more resources have directly gone to the grass root level, where it is needed the most.

Due to the armed conflict in Nepal, the last few years were very challenging to the foundation. This armed conflict, of unprecedented scale in Nepal's history, also resulted in delays and even cancellation of some of our projects. Despite such difficulties, we were able to accomplish a lot in selected areas and we hope to do much more in the days ahead.

We want to thank our dear patrons and supporters for their understanding of, and patience with, the ongoing political situation in Nepal, and their continued support to our work.